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April 13

walking down to soho i watch other people laughing together i’m not lonely. they wear bright jackets while wind ripples their wine raising colourless storms they laugh. you said you like me because i never laugh at your jokes but i do i protested no you don’t well i want to. i should on aContinue reading “April 13”

April 12

In this barren garden your touch is a chronoscopy. No need for fading photographs, for half-forgotten melodies The past sits beside me, strangling me with jealousy its dark green vines grazing my neck. Its warm fingers a row of rusted sickles in the sun. Sweat coats my hair beneath the sky-blue scarf drips down myContinue reading “April 12”

April 11

Jupiter scarred Cross me thrice / Slowly. Slowly. Plumes of sage lick this leather Shards of heated glass to sweep – Why the impatience? I’ll smoke you out / Hold you down / Forget skin I tasted before She calls every cardinal Deliver us from fear Tonight I am a northernly wind gonna give herContinue reading “April 11”

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